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Counselling at Expressions of Hope


Counselling doesn’t always have to be talking. We all learn and express ourselves in different ways, and counselling can hold space for this too, especially when this involves our emotions.


At Expressions of Hope Counselling, Registered Counsellor Renee Harris has trained in both Expressive and Talk-based therapies, and in parenting programs. Renee can work with you or your children, counselling or by providing parent support sessions. 


Sometimes it takes more than words to heal.

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As our world changes and new challenges arise, don’t feel like you have to deal with life difficulties on your own. Expressions of Hope Counselling was established to provide additional services to those who need them.

Face-to-face or online counselling and parenting support is available.


  • Expressions of Hope is a counselling service available for fee-paying consumers from school age children to any age 

  • One-on-one parenting support sessions available (single or 4 session package) 

  • NDIS self and plan managed clients welcomed from age 7 onwards  



EAP options available


Expressions…. since Expressive Therapies is a wonderful way to work. 

Hope…. for hope is foundational for change and can be held so all is not lost.

about us
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meet Renee 

I enjoy being an agent of change 


Working with children and families has been something that I have been passionate about all of my life. As a fun-loving mother of a family of boys, I enjoy the challenge that parenting has brought me. I am constantly reviewing my life's balance to ensure that I am being the best me that I can be, and caring for myself through what I practice. 


In 2009 I gained membership with the Australian Counselling Association and started counselling young people and their carers. The counselling I provide is based on a person-centered, humanistic approach. This means that I will do my best to work with you so you can achieve the best results for you. 


I like to help parents find what they enjoy doing with their children

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My love for parenting started before I was a parent. When first facilitating parenting groups, I wasn’t a parent, and as a mother now I better understand the competing agendas that parents may face. Our own life experiences, work pressures, and family blends – all affect our ability to spend quality time with our children.  


One of the modalities I use when counselling is Expressive Therapies. I enjoy it as it is non-directive, invitational, and active. It is my preferred way of working with children, young people, and verbally limited people of all ages and includes; sand play; symbol work; drawing; sculpting; music; and movement. 


  • I am a Registered Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and work as a Generalist Counsellor 

  • In 2006 I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Psychology at the University of Queensland, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Counselling 

  • I have a certificate in Expressive Therapies (ET) & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Children and Adolescents, 

  • I have trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),  Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT), & 123 for Special Needs 

  • I am a facilitator in: 123 Magic (Behaviour Management for 2-12 year olds); Engaging Adolescents;  Smart Recovery (taking control of your addictive/problematic behaviours). 

meet Renee
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